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A complete hydrogen generation plant

​Standard Features ​

  • Interior Lighting

  • Split Chiller/Condenser

  • Ventilation Fans

  • N2 Purge Panel

  • Interface Panel: H2 Delivery/H2 Vent

  • Service Access Doors

  • H2 Generator (EC Series Shown)

  • Interface Panel: Feedwater/O2 Vent​

  • Hydrogen Generator Power Supply

  • Power Distribution Panel

  • Cable Trays

  • Engineered Deck, Walls, and Ceiling Load Design
    to Resist Wind Sheer and Snow Loading

  • Exterior Wall Insulation: R-13 Rating

  • Roof Insulation: R-20 Rating

  • Floor Insulation: R-19 Rating

  • Interior Ceiling Height: 8 ft

  • Interior Deck Loading Design: 250 lb./ft2

  • Interior Decking: 3/16" Carbon Steel Primed
    and Coated with Gray Non-skid Epoxy

  • Lifting Lugs


Optional Features

  • Hygrometer

  • O2 and H2 Combustible Gas Sensors

  • N2 Fire Suppression System

  • Air Compressor (EC Model)

  • H2 Generator Remote Touch Screen Control

  • Heater

  • H2 Compressor​​

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